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Connect with your target audience!

In the final analysis, connecting is what it’s all about. Trisecta can help you by assisting you with marketing strategy or writing, as well as through the following "connection" services –

Website user experience, usability, site architecture consulting

Many businesses have website analytic data that’s never been assessed to see what is or is not working for them! Your prospects may be missing out on what you offer because of simple usability problems, problems with the information architecture/navigation, or simply a lack of "planned" interaction. Results from buyer interaction modeling are highly beneficial in a major redesign of the user experience, but we also offer brief analytic assessments that assist with incremental site improvements.

The power boost

Rather than developing a full-blown marketing plan, Trisecta can analyze your current sales and marketing activities and help you identify opportunities to enhance what you’re already doing. Relatively small tweaks can often help you convert more prospects, or convert them more quickly. For example, we might teach you how to perform natural SEO (search engine optimization) or how to repurpose, layer and distribute existing information to better support your sales cycle.

Other experts

We are wise enough to recognize where our own expertise begins and ends. Trisecta works seamlessly with other service providers who can fulfill other components of your marketing needs, such as graphic design and event planning. We make it a point to work with other experts who are responsive, whose skills have some beneficial overlap with ours, and who are a good match for our clients. We also make free referrals to other vendors if your needs only require their services.

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