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We have a special knack for putting Microsoft® Office through its paces!*

Templates, application of templates, or "make it look nice"

We produce Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files with varying degrees of sophistication to suit your business needs.  Trisecta can -

  • Create a template from scratch, using your logo and other design elements

  • Improve the look of an existing template

  • Improve the usability of an existing template

  • Establish a theme with a color palette so that SmartArt appears in harmonious colors

  • Enhance the look of core presentations, especially if you're extending an agency-developed presentation

  • Improve the look of an individual Word document or PowerPoint presentation

What Word CAN do with a little help from us...
  • Give your proposals a more professional look. We can provide a proposal template with enhanced document layout and text styling to help you produce proposals that look professional and well-organized. Using styles means that you can automatically generate a table of contents if you have a lengthy proposal. At the same time we are developing a template, we can make recommendations about how to better organize a proposal.

  • Help keep rapidly changing marketing materials current. Simple templates can be a lifesaver when you need to create something new from scratch. Templates can be more sophisticated in their design (and remain easy to use) if the amount of content remains relatively static. We'll help you find the right balance. A Word template can be a perfect solution for farm-to-table restaurant menus - no need to decide on the menu before your daily trip to the market!

  • Ease the writing, editing and internal review process.  There's nothing like an excess of content to ruin a perfectly lovely design from your agency. We can mock-up your agency's design so you can develop the right amount of content, pass it through multiple reviewers (who often want to ADD more than will fit!). Most reviewers have access to Word, but not to InDesign. This can save time and money when the agency's design for marketing materials will remain relatively consistent across a set of products and services.

  • Behave much better than automatic PDF to Word conversions. Automated conversions are typically unusable - everything slides out of place when you try to change anything. Word is not a design layout tool, but our knowledge of its design and text features allows us to give you a Word template that is much easier to use and manage.

* No, we do not believe that Word and PowerPoint are substitutes for InDesign, but we do believe they can be used to produce attractive, easy-to-use components for your marketing communications program.

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