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For two decades Alice Saunders has served as a strategic marketing consultant, collaborator, and writer with Trisecta (formerly Finishing Software). She helped numerous software and technology companies better connect with their target audiences during the company's first decade. Since then she has continued to expand her client base to include many other types of businesses, thanks to referrals from clients and business partners. Alice currently enjoys working with a variety of clients - from large international corporations to small businesses - to improve how they are percieved in the marketplace. (Read more about Trisecta.)


Early in her career, Alice demonstrated abilities and interest in health, safety, and analytics. She performed statistical analysis of occupational injury and illness data for the NC Department of Labor, managed a transition to a computerized system consistent with federal reporting requirements, and wrote educational guides about workplace safety, construction safety, and industrial health issues.

Alice broadened her skill set at IBM, where she wore many hats (programmer, customer support, quality control, system design, management) before settling into her true passion - marketing. IBM recognized her with awards for marketing, insightful business strategy, and outstanding customer service. IBM became one of her first and largest marketing customers after she opened her marketing consultancy.

Immediately after leaving IBM, Alice served as general manager of a printing company where she learned firsthand how to control production costs for (print) marketing collateral while also managing the P&L, sales, and operations for a small business. These new skills served as a springboard for successfully launching her own company in 1995.


Today, Alice primarily focuses on online marketing strategies, writing, and marketing service delivery. She regularly works with clients outside the local area - many have never met her face to face! As marketing strategist, writer, editor, project manager, and implementer, Alice has worked closely with clients in the fields of professional services (consultants, finance, business advisors), software, technology, medicine, dentistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, environmental science, human resources, and higher education. This mix of clients offers great enjoyment to Alice by allowing her to concurrently exercise both her left-brain skills and right-brain creative talents.


Clients who recognize Alice for her creativity or writing talent are often surprised to learn of her degree in math. It contributes to her ability to think analytically in helping to properly position companies, products, and services.

  • B.S., Mathematics Education, North Carolina State University

  • Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania (Marketing Program - IBM)

  • Market segmentation training (Booz Allen)

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