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Why did we choose that name?

With all due respect to David Letterman, we decided to share with you our "late-night top ten reasons" for choosing the name Trisecta. Some are serious while others contain a touch of marketing frivolity!

  1. Trisecta represents the intersection of three services – marketing strategy, words that resonate with buyers, and building a strong connection (to prospects, existing customers, other service providers).

  2. It sounds like a bet (a trifecta) that has tremendous payback. That makes it memorable. We substituted an “s” for the “f” because Trisecta’s services are a sure thing in comparison to the bet.

  3. Good things come in threes. The origin of this common phrase is unclear to us, but there are many German references - Aller guten dinge sind drei. It's an adage that appears multiple times in Grimms' fairy tales.

  4. We are passionate about what we do. In the plant kingdom, trisecta is a species of the passion flower (passiflora trisecta).

  5. We are enthralled by the Web and the great information that is freely accessible. In the animal kingdom, pediasia trisecta is the sod webworm. While it’s not nearly as lovely as the passion flower, webworm is still appropriate given that we spend many hours crawling the Web on behalf of our clients. We also help them to use the Web more effectively.

  6. We are located in the Triangle area of North Carolina. The triangle also receives play in our logo. Three triangles of different colors are layered together. Their integration cascades into even more triangles when you observe more closely.

  7. Trisecting an angle was believed and eventually proved to be impossible by geometry purists. When someone decided it was "OK" to apply the right tool (a ruler), it was no longer an impossible feat. We can't do the impossible, but we do believe in using tools that are available. By doing so, we can often help you do what seems impossible.

  8. It's short and easy to spell. In our random testing before finalizing the selection, everyone spelled it correctly!

  9. We excel in project management, and recognize that any task has exactly three states - not started, not complete, and complete. Our goal is to help you get to that third state as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality.

  10. We like the simplicity of things that come in quantities of three - as in 1-2-3, A-B-C, tic-tac-toe, and yada-yada-yada. (Smile.)

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