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Choose your words carefully!

​We specialize in writing for business-to-business marketing needs. For those in the sciences and technology, Trisecta has a knack for rapidly absorbing highly technical information. You not only benefit from powerful marketing content but also save time by not having to explain concepts or make major copy revisions. We are also sensitive to the written and unwritten codes of ethics that are vital to communications from healthcare providers.

Writing services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Web content development

  • Website site architechture, content-focused wireframes

  • Structured and/or layered organization of marketing information to support sales cycle

  • Newsletters - ghost writing, editing

  • White papers (We're very at ease with highly technical content.)

  • Case studies

  • Client proposals, including template development

  • Blogging and tweeting - ghost writing, editing

  • Conventional (print) marketing materials, printable PDF content

  • Form development (usability emphasis)


How can you get the word out?

If you use  Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to communicate with clients or prospects, you might want to read more about our special services to make sure you look your best.

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