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We started this business based on high tech...

Dating back to 1995, Trisecta's original name was Finishing Software. We helped a lot of software and technology companies, but referrals from satisfied customers took us into many other fields. Many of those companies relied on our innate ability to rapidly digest highly technical information and "extract" and communicate value to buyers. That ability remains one of our key strengths.


Our two-decade track record includes professional consulting businesses, healthcare and pharmaceutical providers, agencies (marketing, design, web development), education (schools, colleges, universities), real estate, stafffing and career counseling firms, restaurants, and more. Our focus is generally on business-to-business marketing, and we excel at making smaller businesses shine in comparison to much larger ones.


How is Trisecta different from other marketing firms and freelancers?

You get to work directly with the expert - Alice Saunders, rather than someone just learning the ropes. And you'll most likely be charged a rate lower than you'd pay a larger marketing firm because there's simply less overhead. Alice works with your own team (or pulls in the right virtual team of experts) as needed to execute your marketing strategy. Alice has never considered her work freelancing - it is a full-time business. Your work and your schedules are a priority, not something that Alice tries to fit into her spare time.

Why did we choose the name Trisecta?

In addition to wanting something simpler and shorter than our old name (Finishing Software), we chose this name because:

  • Trisecta represents the intersection of three services – marketing strategy, words that resonate with buyers, and building a strong connection to prospects and existing customers

  • It is memorable because it sounds like a coveted winning bet in horse racing - the trifecta. We substituted an “s” for the “f” because Trisecta’s services are a sure thing in comparison to the bet.

  • Good things come in threes. And that idea aligns nicely with a Marketing 101 principle – keep it simple!


By the way, our name is not entirely fabricated. If you’re intimate with taxonomy for the plant and animal kingdoms, you may recognize trisecta as a species name. Read more about the name Trisecta


Tel: 919.847.3039

Cell: 919.696.3883

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